I Need A New Job: How To Know When It’s Time To Make A Move

I need a new job

Are you contemplating quitting your present job but aren’t sure whether there’s a compelling reason to do so? Do you fear the pandemic’s economic effect might put your career advancement at risk? As a job seeker, how do you know when it’s time to leave your current position?

How Do We Know When We Need A New Job?

How Do We Know When We Need A New Job

There are various reasons we may decide to quit our jobs. We might be interested in a new industry or challenge. Or we may be unhappy with our current one. When we are unmotivated to do our daily tasks, overworked or burned out, or seek a new position, it may be time to resign.

Here are some signs we should leave our job and find a new job that better matches our requirements.

We Want Room To Grow 

If we feel stuck at our present company, it may be time to find a new position or job with greater mobility and advancement prospects. If we have exhausted our abilities in one job, it’s time to move on.

Beyond the inability to go higher in a company, a lack of growth potential might also mean little chances to acquire new responsibilities and skills. If the company doesn’t support skill development, search for one that will let us attend conferences, get certifications, and further our education to benefit both our employer and us.

We Have Considered Getting A New Job 

Think about the times we have considered getting a new job and starting again.

We might have never given serious consideration to the notion or made efforts to make it happen. But we have thought about it several times and discussed it over lunch with our friends.

If we were happy with our profession, we wouldn’t have considered jumping ship. Perhaps our subconscious is telling us something.

Our Sleep Patterns Have Been Disrupted 

We either have trouble sleeping or wake up often throughout the night with anxious thoughts about our work. Poor sleep quality is linked to job-induced stress, which is problematic for our physical and mental health.

We Have Developed Physical Symptoms Of Stress

It is expected for us to feel stressed with our work. However, when we have frequent colds, headaches, body aches, and other symptoms of stress, it might be a sign to look for a new job.

The state of our mental health may sometimes indicate our physical health, and if we are feeling generally ill, the cause may be our employment.

Conversations With Our Loved Ones Are Filled With Work Complaints

Once we notice that every dinner conversation starts and ends with complaints about our work, it might be time to choose a career that allows us to talk about our professional successes, failures, and lessons learned with our loved ones.

Our Appetite Is Suppressed, Or We’re Eating More Than Usual

Stress may cause us to lose our appetite, so some people turn to food the same way they turn to alcohol and drugs. Stress at work might induce us to eat or drink excessively, which is a red flag that we may not be suited for the position.

What Are The Signs We Should Quit Our Job?

What Are The Signs We Should Quit Our Job

Certain people can afford to leave their jobs at any moment, but if our work makes us unhappy, we should have an exit strategy in place. It is possible to get depressed, have interpersonal difficulties, be angry, and have other negative consequences if we stay in a job that we despise for too long.

Here are a few warning signs we should look for a job change.

Our Work Performance Is Starting To Suffer

Do we find our work less exciting and our performance lacking? If we feel like we’re going through the motions at work, it may be time to talk to our manager about it. Based on the result of the talk, determine what to do next. Try it, but don’t let it worsen. Make deadlines and act depending on progress.

The Pay Won’t Get Any Better

We may have asked for a raise many times and been denied. If we have asked for a raise and been rejected, it’s time to look for a new job. However, employees should also be aware that many employers are likely struggling with wage increases in the present market.

Due to the market change, some companies are not hiring as much as before. We must realize that waiting during weak economic periods might be wiser to maximize our worth afterward.

We Are Arguing More With Our Boss And Colleagues

We Are Arguing More With Our Boss And Colleagues

 If our work discontent is causing office friction or we are getting in trouble, it’s time to seek a new one. It’s best to depart on good terms so we may use our past employer for references or networking.

We Find Ourselves Longing For Retirement Despite Being Young

Do we daydream about retirement and count down the days, weeks, and months until we can retire? Let’s not live our professional life on a timer; instead, utilize that feeling as a driving force to find a job that is both intellectually and emotionally fulfilling. ​

We Feel Unmotivated

We Feel Unmotivated

If we are pushing ourselves to go to work or be productive, despite having trouble waking up or feeling motivated, it may be time to go. Inability to interact with co-workers, tiredness, and work-life imbalance might reduce motivation.

If we are always unmotivated, our job schedule may be too demanding, or the company may not be a good match. Sometimes a lack of motivation is due to a combination of variables that make it difficult to concentrate and finish everyday duties.

Final Words

It’s not proper to leave our current job once we’ve decided to find a new hiring manager. It is smart to look for a job while still employed since finding one can take some time.

If possible, don’t notify your boss you’re leaving. We don’t want our plans to become water cooler talk, which may be difficult if you’re close to certain colleagues. Stay cool and adaptable when job hunting.

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